Friday, August 30, 2013

Interactive Cartoon Portrait

1. What cartoon did you use and why?
I used Homestuck, an online comic on MS Paint Adventures, because it's a really cool thing and I like it and I don't really need any other reasoning
2. How did you use a separate photo, cartoon and background?
I grabbed a frame of a gif and cut the picture out of the background to make the background transparent, put a picture behind it, grabbed a photo of me online and erased all the irrelevant parts of it, put it over the other layers and merged them. 
3. What parts are overlapping?
The hands of the characters are wrapped around my waist and I have my arms over their shoulders
 4. How did you add complexity when taking the photograph?  
My arms. Are over their shoulders. Thats pretty complex. 
5. What about you image shows higher level interaction?
Arms. Over. Shoulders.

Angry Pancakes

Frog Tongue